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  • Dispenses baby food one bite at a time
  • Convenient one-handed feeding
  • Includes cap for storage
  • Large easy-to-clean bulb holds up to 3 oz (90 ml) of baby food
  • BPA-free Phthalate-free and PVC-free

Dispenses Baby Food 1 Bite at a Time;Convenient 1-Handed Feeding;Great for On-the-Go;Large Easy-to-Clean Bulb Holds up to 3 oz of Baby Food;Dishwasher Safe
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  • Portable feeding spoon holds 5oz of baby food (new, larger capacity)
  • Accommodates both stage 1 and stage 2 purees. feeding tip easily twists off for filling and cleaning
  • Cap keeps spoon sanitary in your purse or nappy bag
  • Made of squeezable, non-toxic, odour-resistant silicone
  • Stands upright for easy filling

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Clevamama ClevaCushion 10-in-1 Nursing Pillow

by Clevamama
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  • Versatile 10-in-1 nursing pillow for anywhere your baby needs extra support
  • Made using scientifically proven ClevaFoam to prevent Flat Head Syndrome
  • Super comfortable and supportive for use from pregnancy to 2 years
  • Includes removable toys for tummy time
  • Removable & machine washable cover

The Clevamama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 is the ultimate support pillow for baby. Made using ClevaFoam, the ClevaCushion is designed to support and provide comfort for baby and can be used in many different ways throughout the day. The ClevaCushion helps prevent flat head syndrome by reducing pressure on baby's head by 50% and increases support by 80% during supine rest. The ClevaCushion can be used from maternity as back support for mum, a feeding pillow including a waist strap to feel secure during feeding time, a pillow for baby to enjoy tummy time, support in a car seat, pram, bouncer and in a highchair. Can be used for: Back support for mum, Feeding pillow, Baby seat, Car seat, Pram, Tummy time, Bouncer, Stroller, Bolster, Highchair
BEABA 360 Degree Training Spoon
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  • Training spoon.
  • Rotating spoon: The spoon remains in a horizontal position and food does not spill even if the child doesn't hold the spoon properly.
  • Locking of rotating handle: Suitable for 2nd age use.
  • Depth of spoon: Particularly suitable for thick liquids, like soup, pureed fruit...
  • Easily dismantled: For easy cleaning. Wash by hand or diswasher.

Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow (White)

by Summer Infant
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  • Extra large body-length pillow fully supports mum during and after pregnancy
  • Use as a tummy support cushion for growing bump, breastfeeding pillow or a support for baby
  • Zippered insert for customised support
  • Removable, washable soft cotton cover is cool and breathable
  • Versatile, patented design is great for baby, toddler and mum!

The Summer Infant body pillow helps to keep you comfortably support throughout your pregnancy as you sleep, and during breastfeeding after your little one is born. Trying to sleep during pregnancy can sometimes be uncomfortbale because of your growing bump. The Summer Infant ultimate comfort pillow will gently hug your tummy and hips offering extra support throughout the night. This versatile pillow will also come in handy once baby is born and can be used to support you during breastfeeding or as a comfy pillow for toddlers to sit and play. Natural shape contours body to help mum sleep better during pregnancy 100% natural cotton cover is machine washable The unique design hugs the body providing ultimate support to your tummy and hips After pregnancy it can be used to support during breastfeeding or as a comfy toddler pillow.

NUK Breast Milk Bags, Pack of 25

by NUK
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  • For storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer
  • Space-saving and hygienic
  • Leak-proof thanks to a double fastening
  • 25 sterilised bags (each with 180 ml capacity) for immediate use
  • Easy to use

NUK Muttermilchbeutel, 25 Stück à 180 ml, sterilisiert für den sofortigen Einsatz, auslaufsicher, BPA-frei

Art. Nr.: 10.252.088

•    Zum Aufbewahren von Muttermilch im Kühl- oder Gefrierschrank 
•    Platzsparend und hygienisch
•    Auslaufsicher dank doppeltem Sicherheitsverschluss 
•    25 sterilisierte Beutel für den sofortigen Einsatz
•    BPA-frei

Muttermilch ist das Beste für die gesunde Entwicklung des Babys.
Mütter, die nicht stillen können oder wollen, können die wertvolle Milch abpumpen und mit dem Fläschchen füttern.
Doch wohin nur mit der Milch, die auf Vorrat abgepumpt wurde? Da kann es im Kühl- und Gefrierschrank schon einmal ganz schön eng werden!
Für dieses Problem gibt es jetzt eine unkomplizierte Lösung: Die NUK Muttermilchbeutel. 

Die NUK Muttermilchbeutel sind sterilisiert und sofort einsatzbereit. 

Die Beutel lassen sich flexibel übereinander stapeln und sind für die Aufbewahrung im Kühlschrank und im Gefrierschrank geeignet. 

Sofort einsetzbar, wenn es einmal schnell gehen soll! Das Reinigen vor oder nach dem Gebrauch ist nicht nötig. 

Der doppelte Sicherheitsverschluss hält die wertvolle Milch sicher im Inneren des Beutels, der aus BPA-freiem Kunststoff gefertigt ist. 

Alles im Blick
Dank Beschriftungsfeld und Skala ist immer erkennbar, wann die Milch abgepumpt wurde und wie viel Milch sich im Beutel befindet. Jeder Beutel fasst 180 ml Flüssigkeit. 

Praktische Ausgießöffnung
Kein Kleckern beim Umfüllen der Milch ins Fläs

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Future Belt Back Support L-XL Save 4%

Future Belt Back Support L-XL

by Futuro
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FUTURE Lumbar support belt Distension lower lumbar, muscular fatigue, therapeutic and prophylactic, preventive treatment, functional treatment after injuries and infermità.Con integrated bearings that give support and create a massaging effect for imuscoli tired and achy. How to use Open and remove the straps leading the side straps. Center the support lungola the lower back, with the support bearings on both sides of the vertebral dellacolonna and position the curved edge of the belt facing down. Wrap the straps around the main life and secure the hook over allostomaco. Pull the side straps back and fix them along the front panels of supporto.Regolare the position of the fastening of the belt-supporting to achieve the right level according to your needs. Warnings Do not machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or utilizzarecandeggina or softeners. storage Instructions for care and cleaning: fix all the hooks and conghie first dellavaggio. Hand wash with mild soap in warm (not hot). Rinse doing good air dry. Format Size L-XL: 99.1 cm - 127.0 cm. Measure SM: 73.6 cm - 99.1 cm.