Future Belt Back Support L-XL

by Futuro
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FUTURE Lumbar support belt Distension lower lumbar, muscular fatigue, therapeutic and prophylactic, preventive treatment, functional treatment after injuries and infermità.Con integrated bearings that give support and create a massaging effect for imuscoli tired and achy. How to use Open and remove the straps leading the side straps. Center the support lungola the lower back, with the support bearings on both sides of the vertebral dellacolonna and position the curved edge of the belt facing down. Wrap the straps around the main life and secure the hook over allostomaco. Pull the side straps back and fix them along the front panels of supporto.Regolare the position of the fastening of the belt-supporting to achieve the right level according to your needs. Warnings Do not machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, or utilizzarecandeggina or softeners. storage Instructions for care and cleaning: fix all the hooks and conghie first dellavaggio. Hand wash with mild soap in warm (not hot). Rinse doing good air dry. Format Size L-XL: 99.1 cm - 127.0 cm. Measure SM: 73.6 cm - 99.1 cm.