Lil' Cub Hub Cub CO-Z Convertible Carrier, Pebble Sky, Large

by Lil' Cub Hub
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  • A compact diaper bag that converts into a baby sling carrier in just one zip
  • Always have access to everything you need whether it is being used as a diaper bag or a baby sling carrier
  • Machine washable and dry low
  • Numerous pockets: large pocket for diapers and wipes, internal pocket for ids, cash, and credit cards, insulated pocket; cell or smart phone pocket, matching diaper changing pad; carabiner for keys and toys, adjustable and removable strap
  • Available in a variety of sizes and patterns, all created with designer fabrics and made in the USA

****The Cub Co-Z is the ONE item you need when you leave the house with your Lil' Cub!****
The Award-Winning Cub Co-Z Convertible carrier is a diaper bag that converts into a sling-style baby carrier in just one zip! Two items in one -- A compact diaper bag that converts into a sling-style baby carrier in just one zip!. All of the convenient pockets are located on the outside of the bag and carrier, allowing you access to everything you need regardless of which way it's being worn.
- Carries babies & toddlers
- Large pocket for baby necessities
- Matching changing pad
- Insulated pocket to store bottles
- Pocket for cell phone
- Internal pocket for IDs, cash, & credit cards
- Carabiner to hold keys, pacifiers, & toys
- Adjustable, removable strap
- Designer fabrics, 100% cotton & washable
- Made in the USA
- Invented by a Mom – Pat. No. 9,295,341
- BCIA Member (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance)
****To view a demonstration video, please visit:
This is the perfect product for new baby wearers and for running quick errands. Easily wear your baby (at least 8lbs and full term) in a kangaroo position. Babies and toddlers with head control may be worn in a tummy-to-tummy or hip carry position. Recommended for children up to 35 pounds.
Every purchase includes care, wear, and safety instructions. Please read all care, use and safety instructions to ensure proper fit, wearing, and safety of your baby or toddler.
♥♥♥♥Always use Care, Caution, and Common Sense when carrying your lil’ cub!♥♥♥♥
It is imperative that you have the correct size Cub Co-Z Convertible Carrier to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Your baby sling should fit you and your baby nice and snug. Your baby should be high enough on your body that you should be able to snuggle and kiss the top of their head. You should always be able to see your babies face. For the most comfort, your baby should be carried near your center of gravity. The bottom of the pouch should be just below your navel when the baby is in the carrier. The fabric should be spread out flat across your back and over your shoulder without a lot of excess give.
When determining the appropriate size for your baby carrier, it is best to start with your fitted t-shirt size. Typically it will be the same as your carrier size. Another way to find your size, is to use a soft measuring tape (or a piece of string that you can then measure on a ruler) and measure from the middle of your shoulder bone to the top of the opposite hip bone. If you have broad shoulders or a big bust, you might need to size up. If you have narrow shoulders you might need to size down.
****************************************************************************** SAFETY & USE INFORMATION
Please familiarize yourself with the safety standards and guidelines as posted on the CPSC website:
Read all instructions and safety information before using product. Failure to follow each of the following warning, assembly, use and care instructions can result in serious injury or death.