Motherhood Sleepy-C Version Premium with Cotton Velor Maternity and Support Pillow for Pregnancy/Nursing (Grey Classics)

by Motherhood
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  • This unique ergonomic "C" shaped pillow provides support for the whole body
  • Ideal for relaxing, excellent for side sleepers and provides support while nursing/feeding
  • Ideal for breastfeeding mothers, because it can be used while sitting or even laying down
  • Perfect after giving birth / in childbed and also in order to heal from a cesarean section
  • PREMIUM Version for more comfort. Manufactured from high-quality tested materials.

Sleepy-C version PREMIUM maternity and support Pillow from Motherhood (ergonomic) for pregnancy and nursing

This pillow is perfect for Moms-to-be, Nursing Moms, Side Sleepers and people with back problems.

Support for the Head and Back:
The unique ergonomic "C" shaped Pillow fits perfectly to your body shape and provides so support for the whole body. This is very important for pregnant and nursing women as well as people with back problems or people who have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position.

It provides a comfortable and relaxing night's sleep, leaving you well rested and refreshed.
Used as a side sleeper pillow, it will support your back, and help relieve the pressure from your neck, spine, hips and legs, helping you to lie in a more ergonomic position.

PREMIUM for more comfort: the profiled (slightly enlarged) form ensures even better support of the back and shoulders, covered with cotton velor is also suitable for very sensitive skin and gives a feeling of wellbeing.

Nursing Pillow:
The Body&Nursing Pillow is ideal for breastfeeding mothers, because it can be used while sitting or even laying down.

Therapeutic Position:
The Body&Nursing Pillow can be used after giving birth and also in order to heal from a cesarean section. Using this pillow can also be quite a relief for people suffering from hemorrhoids.

Manufactured from high-quality tested materials:
- Removable pillow case cover made from cotton-velors: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
- Lining: 100% cotton
- Filling: Lentex Ball (Antiallergenic silicone fibers)

The cover as well as the actual pillow itself are machine washable

Packaging: Plastic bag with zipper - light and easy to carry, anywhere where you and your baby need it.