Aden + Anais Organic Single Swaddle Enchanted

by aden by aden + anais
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  • Ideal for baby's senstive skin: free of chemicals & pesticides
  • babies sleep better & longer
  • baby's body temperature adjusts naturally
  • provides year round comfort: warm in winter & cool in summer
  • fabric is delicate, durable & stretchy
  • Swaddles are as soft and beautiful as they are environmentally conscious
  • Made of organic cotton
  • Designed especially for sensitive skin

Best-sellers in the USA, and becoming very popular in the UK, these super-sized muslins are the best way to swaddle your newborn. The soft natural fibres of the muslin cloth which has a soft, light weave promotes an even air flow that helps to regulate your baby's body temperature naturally. Swaddling helps your baby sleep as it makes your baby feel secure and comfortable as it imitates the security of the enclosed surroundings they experienced in the womb. It helps your baby sleep on their back, the pediatrician recommended sleeping position & to stay asleep by reducing sudden arm and leg movements (startle reflexes). Swaddling keeps your baby's face uncovered & prevents your baby moving around the crib and getting into dangerous or uncomfortable positions. It also helps keep babies warm (without overheating). Use for swaddling, burping, baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding, sun protector, play mat etc. The USA celebrities love this brand - Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts, Mini Driver, Tori Spelling, Isla Fisher, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Ritchie to name but a few! Includes guide to "Baby Swaddling" & "Other Uses", plus re-usable pouch. 100% cotton. 47 inches X 47 inches.