Baby Buddy 3 Piece Wand Scrubbing 360 Degree Cleaning Baby Bottle Brush, Blue

by Baby Buddy
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  • Unique round-shaped scrub features polyether sponge pads for cleaning a variety of surfaces and hard-to-reach dirt in baby bottles and glassware
  • Gentle on baby bottles, stemware, and hand-wash-only china and utensils
  • Use with your favorite dishwashing detergent to get baby bottles, glassware, etc. sparkling clean
  • Keeps your hands in minimal contact with hot water and the sink
  • Great for busy moms, as a gift to a new mom, or when giving glassware as a present

Baby buddy's 8" bottle wand is aptly named since this "wand" will make routine cleaning a magical experience of ease and convenience for all busy moms. Featuring a round head made from polyether sponge pads, you get all-around scrubbing sides for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Used with your favorite dishwashing detergent, the bottle wand is extremely gentle on baby's bottles and stemware, and is a must-have for hand wash only items. Whether you wear rubber gloves or not, the bottle wand keeps your hands in minimal contact with the hot dishwater that can dry out your hands, keeping your hands smoother and softer after washing dishes than a traditional dish cloth. Great for getting in those hard-to-reach places inside baby bottles, the bottle wand makes a wonderful gift for any new mom who needs to clean baby bottles or as an accessory when giving glassware as a present. Check out our other baby buddy products because every baby needs a buddy.