Belly Bandit Couture Belly Wrap (Large, Nude Plaid)

by Belly Bandit
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  • 100 percent latex free
  • Helps shrink belly, waist and hips
  • Lose inches and look slimmer instantly
  • Supports back, leg and core muscles
  • Adds support while breastfeeding ;Provides comfort after C-section

The Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression wrap designed to help you get your body back to its former fabulousness post childbirth. Not only does the Belly Bandit help reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling, it aids in decreasing bloating caused by water retention, and gives additional support for mommy's weary legs and back. For you breastfeeding moms, there's a bonus... the Belly Bandit will help you with your posture during feedings, and may help to reduce the all too common back and shoulder pain associated with breastfeeding. Ultimately, the Belly Bandit will aid in getting you back to your pre pregnancy hotness faster than ever. But wait there's more...Although everybody knows what can cause stretch marks eg: stomach growth and the stretching of skin, we really have never thought about the post period and what may be another factor. The excess skin that is pulled and stretched after birth may continue to cause unsightly markings by "hanging around". Greater support of this loose skin may actually decrease tension which in turn may decrease stretch marks in the post period. Let the Belly Bandit help accelerate the healing process for you.