Double Blessings San Diego Bebe Twin Nursing Pillow, Cheetah

by Double Blessings
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  • Includes: Detachable back pillow
  • Designed To Fit: Up to 52" waist
  • Made of: 100% Virgin Polyfiber (Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non flammable)
  • Fabric cover is removable for machine wash-and-dry
  • Privacy cover for discretion while nursing (removable for machine wash-and-dry)

When we first designed this pillow, we wanted to emulate the position of how a mother brings a baby to breast in the bend of her arm. Notice how the baby is clearly coming to her at an angle. So our angled top surface allows you to bring your babies to the pillow, and position them on their sides, so they are facing you to nurse. A baby should never be placed on a flat surface to nurse, because then he'll have to turn his head sideways to meet the breast. Not only is that position uncomfortable, but it also impedes the natural swallow reflex and digestion. My pediatrician always advised me, "Position your babies tummy-to-tummy. Their tummy to your tummy." It's simply more natural, more comfortable, and more productive (for all three of you).